Human Factors (HF) Guidelines for CCTV systems

Control rooms with CCTV-systems (Closed Circuit TeleVision) are applied in surveillance and also in process control, like supervision of traffic, city centres or shopping malls. In process control and logistics CCTV applications can be found in locks, entrance control and transfer of chemicals. A lot of equipment is available on the market. Few limitations for installation exist: ten images, hundred images and sometimes one thousand images. 

But how can the human operator cope with this information? What exactly is the goal of the CCTV control room and what performance is expected from the operator? Does the equipment that has been installed, meet these performance requirements in terms of image resolution, coverage, layout and controls? Does the layout of the control room fit to the CCTV tasks and the other operator tasks?

This website is an initiative of INTERGO human factors & ergonomics. The goal is to disclose information and recent developed human factors guidelines for the design of CCTV systems, to answer questions like the ones mentioned above .

Partners in this research:
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CCTV equipped control room

Closed Circuit Television systems are widely used in public spaces